The photographs in this book from the collaboration with the New York writer Arthur Dobrin . Published by the American Ethical Union in 2020, it is a 67-page book in which my photographs accompany a collection of aphorisms that address the longing in life to find satisfaction and happiness.

Drawing from the wealth of philosophies and religions, the book presents the “spiritual wood” from building a life of compassion and justice.

The aphorisms are a material from which a house can be built, an airy and bright one, with open windows and ajar doors. It is a home of refuge, protection and warmth, love and happiness.

Some thoughts he includes to help build such a life:

· Generosity of spirit creates a life worth living.
· Never promote yourself at the expense of others.
· A thoughtful person thinks for himself; a thoughtless person thinks only of himself.
· Allow each person the dignity of their own work.
· Wealth obtained with justice is honorable; unjustly earned wealth is dishonorable; wealth that is kept to oneself is shameful.
· Owning things is not bad; being property of things is bad.
· Kindness is a gift from those who left before. So, make things better for those who come after you.

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